USHovercraft is a diverse company offering Hovercraft Sales,

Repair, Design, Training and Charter Operations:


Hovercraft Sales Department: New and Used Hovercraft are available. New Hovercraft are built to order and are custom designed per applicaiton. Delivery time can vary from 3 - 12 Months based on model, build order and logistical shipping. Used Hovercraft are posted in our NEWS section, and past hovercraft sales can be viewed there.

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Hovercraft Repairs: Service can be arranged at our Anchorage Hoverport, or at a remote location anywhere in the world. USHovercraft can service and repair any make or model of Hovercraft, and often engineers improvements for increased perforamnce. Service contracts are available for New and Used Hovercraft.

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Hovercraft Design: USHovercraft has revolutionized the performance of light commerical hovercraft. Our dual thrust fully reversible pitch propellers, combined with variable lift air options allow our hovercraft a higher capacity, faster cruise speed, improved terrain agility, and much higher control capabilities.

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Hovercraft Charter Operations: Based out of the Hoverport in Anchorage Alaska. Charter Services include freight/logistics, crew transport and hunting/fishing drop off and pick up. Additionally, any hovercraft that is available can be charted for a demonstration or for training.

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hovercraft charter