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Training for Hovercraft Operators

Included Training:
Upon purchase of a hovercraft a new operator is required to complete a minimum of eight hours of training. This training consists of 4 hours of classroom type instruction (Hovercraft 101) and 4 hours of hovercraft operation (Hovercraft 202).

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•Hovercraft Systems

  Skirt Basics, Types of hulls, Engine Applications, Electrical systems, Fuel systems, propeller/fan systems


  Straight and level, stopping, turning, hills,

   cut banks, ice, mud, transitions

•Effects of Loading

Center of Gravity, Center of Lift, Skirt Wear

•Emergency Maneuvers

  Emergency Stop, Avoiding obstacles, towing, anchoring


  Skirt, engine, steering, belts

•Field Repairs

  Skirt tuck, weather, tides, buoyancy, fire

Operation: basic and emergency maneuvers demo, support during solo

Instructor and materials for 8 hours of training included with the purchase of a hovercraft. Additional training is available and encouraged for new operators.

hovercraft traininghovercraft training

Additional Training Options:

Hovercraft 101: Classroom instruction is available in 4 hour blocks. The material presented is for students with minimal hovercraft knowledge or operation experience. This course is also appropriate for hovercraft operators that are not familiar with USHovercraft models and operators interested in general operation, maintenance, repair, and safety.

Hovercraft 101: $300 / student (4 hour class) Payment by paypal, credit card or cash is required in advance.

Hovercraft 202: Operation training is available and is limited to 1 students per instructor. Training includes hovercraft, fuel and an experienced instructor. Training structure is based on the student's personality, experience and capabilities. Advanced instruction is available upon request. Payment by paypal, credit card or cash is required in advance.

$250/Hr Single Engine, $275/Hr Multi Engine, $500/Hr Hover-Landing Craft

hovercraft traininghovercraft

Other Hovercraft training:

USHovercraft can provide on site hovercraft training at your location. The instructors at USHovercraft can provide both classroom and operator training for any make of Hovercraft. Please contact via email for additional information about hovercraft training.


General Training Information:
All training is subject to additional fees for logistics, travel, classroom rental, etc. All hovercraft operation subject to weather, safety and availability. Contact USHovercraft for all training inquires via email. Allow 2-4 business days for response. Training must be purchased prior to scheduling. Once purchased, the requested dates will be reviewed and confirmed via email. If not available, alternative times, dates or locations will be sent in the response. USHovercraft reserves the right to substitute hovercraft based on availability, safety, and conditions. Cancelled training due to conditions, mechanical problems or safety issues will be refunded in full. Training on short notice can be arranged by phone at 907-301-0375. Reservations cancelled by the student will be refunded in full if cancelled 48hrs prior to training, and are not refundable if cancelled within 48 hrs of the scheduled training.